Wickedleak is Now Finding Its Way Into the Wearable Technology

Wickedleak -A smartphone manufactured based out of India was founded by founder Aditya Mehta in October 2009 during his MBA project while experimenting with Unique Business model which would result in profits and customer satisfaction.

Companies Brief History: Aditya Mehta started the company with 1000 British pounds out of his tuition fees which in converts to around Rs.80,000 in Indian Rupees. Mehta has set up and build a team with his University students on campus to launch this venture. Wickedleak launched their first product which was a resistive screen tablet PC which is not only affordable but was sold out completely. Within 2 months. This Screen Tablet PC was priced at Rs. 4,000 back then and it created a sensation in their campus and they had a turnover of over 3000 pounds which was a big deal back then. Since then, the founder-Aditya has invested his time and money in understanding the supply and chain distribution with Chinese markets. After a lot of research and understanding the market,

In 2011, Wickedleak was finally and officially a smartphone manufacturing company in India. The first smartphone the company launched the Wammy series was Note which was the top seller. Being the first smartphone for the company has taken it prestigious. Since then the company has launched many numbers of smartphones, tablets, and they surely are worth every penny says many. In Just 3 Years since Start up the Company is valued at over 200 Crores by current investors which surely is a big deal for any smartphone manufacturing company in today’s competition.

Latest Smartphone for Wickedleak:

Wickedleak Wammy Titan 5 is the latest smartphone for the company and we have covered the release article at that time. Wammy Titan 5 Powered by powerful Octa-Core processor and features a Fingerprint sensor for extra security, Fingerprint sensor is becoming a trend these days, big players like Lenovo, OnePlus are also providing the Fingerprint sensor and it’s good to see an Indian company catching up with the trend and making the Fingerprint sensor available. 3GB of massive Ram which will result in an impressive multitasking and best gaming experience. Wammy Neo 3 was the previous offering, the company claims that they have sold over 5,000 units in under 72 hours and is still a top trending smartphone for Wickedleak. Though we didn’t have a chance to test out the Titan 5, we are glad that we had some time we liked the build quality and the fact that company ignored the unwanted bloatware which we really hate.

Companies Business Model: Normally a smartphone manufacturer distributes the smartphone once they are manufactured to the distributors and they ship to the local retailers and then it reaches to public this is how a smartphone division works but then trend is being changing off lately they are made available only via Online through e-retailer websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Wickedleak ignores these business models as they created a new and a unique business Model Selling Devices Directly to consumers through their own online portal without any retailers or Distributors which brings down the cost and devices will be budget friendly to customer says the company. Wickedleak is built and operated on three building blocks: 1) E-commerce 2) The openness of the Android platform 3) Wickedleak’s fans community on social media networks. Regarding e-commerce, Mehta said “Wickedleak could sell phones online without having physical stores, and that greatly reduces costs. The saved resources can be put into making better quality phones”. Which is true for some means.

The AquaProtect: Generally smartphones these days lack water resistance although we can’t blame companies for not including the feature because it will improve the smartphones cost, so how cool it would be if a smartphone comes for same price and has features water-resistant feature? Wickedleak also thinks the same and the smartphones feature AquaProtect which is their trademark feature. After feedback from customer and its estimation that 47% of phone damage is due to water. Most of their smartphone feature the AquaProtect technology this feature sure is impressive. AquaProtect is a Nano molecular level coating that surrounds all the tiny electrical parts in and around your device. It’s completely invisible to the human eye so it won’t change the look or feel of your device. While we can’t say your device is waterproof, we can proudly stand behind our hydrophobic technology and say it’s great for accidental occurrences.

The Smartwatch Tech: After their success with many smartphones, Wickedleak is now trying their luck with Wearable technology and has launched the Wammy Alpha smartwatch last month. The smartwatch is made of CNC Stainless Steel material which should make the smartwatch little heavy on the wrist but then company says it’s worth it. The smartwatch also comes with a Curved touchscreen display, yeah a curved display. The watch is said to be compatible with Android and IOS platforms. Powered by MediaTek processor which according to the company will give tough fight to the competitors in the same price range. We will come up with the Smartwatch review in the coming weeks stay tuned.

With the competition going very seriously, Wickedleak surely should concentrate on their advertising and promotions which will surely impact their revenue and their popularity in the mass market.

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