Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime Smartphone Coming to India?[Update]

We have come to know from our sources that Xiaomi will launch a new device and not the Redmi Note 2 Prime or the Redmi Note 3. The launch will happen on 15th December. Stay tuned.

It’s been a while since xiaomi has launched their product in India, the last official launch in India was the Redmi 2 Prime during this gap, Xiaomi has launched many products including the newly launched Redmi Note 3 with a fingerprint sensor on board. According to the Amazon standalone page, Xiaomi is apparently gearing up to launch the Redmi Note 2 prime in India. The teaser image(seen above) says “#PrimeIsComing” and it also mentions the amazon.in exclusivity. Though the proof and theories to confirm the same are thin as of now and all this is a speculation of things at present, given the fact that Xiaomi’s legal allegations with Ericsson might lead to a whole new device. The image shows the front camera module, main ear piece, and a huge 5.5-inch display of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime.

Whatever the device might be, we are inclined to believe that a new Xiaomi device will hit the Indian market very soon as we said above its been a while since Xiaomi has launched a new device in India. But if this device is indeed Redmi Note 2 prime we think it’s a bit late given the fact that the company has launched the upgraded version in the form of Redmi Note 3 with metal body and fast Fingerprint sensor. So what do you guys think? is Xiaomi really launching the Redmi 2 Prime? or is it just a false alarm? Let us know down below.

Source: Amazon.in

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