Adios Motorola, Lenovo Formally Phasing out Motorola Brand

Lenovo has announced its plans to Phase out Motorola Brand name, Motorola’s COO Rick Osterloh has mentioned that the smartphones will now be called as Lenovo phones but will keep their focus on Moto. As we all know Lenovo has acquired Motorola in 2014 from Google. Lenovo aims to unify both the smartphone brand under one common roof with common Brand name and will use the Motorola’s Moto brand for high-end smartphones and Vibe series for affordable and budget segment smartphones.

Though Lenovo is phasing out the Motorola brand it will still use the Moto batwing logo and  it will continue to use the same on their smartphones. Motorola will still exist as a separate division for organizational settings and Lenovo will have separate Moto division internally. The Moto X series smartphones that are going to launch from this year will feature blue Lenovo logo according to the report.

Motorola had a very good run last year with many successful products like Moto G(3rd Gen), Moto X Play, Moto X style with the new announcement of the brand being phasing out we will have to wait and see how Lenovo is planning to deal with Moto brand.

Adios Motorola.

Source: Cnet

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