Cyanogen Pushes 12.1.1 Update With Cortana Integration to OnePlus One

Cyanogen has started rolling out 12.1.1 update for OnePlus One users with Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana integration. Cyanogen says that it has deeply integrated the Cortana voice command service and OnePlus One users can just “Hey Cortana” keyword and get their things done like setting up an alarm, calling up people, dictating some message, heck, you can even turn on or off your data connection with Cortana voice integration.

Cyanogen states that it is in the initial release so it is limited to the USA OnePlus One users for now and also said that it will push out an update to rest of Cyanogen-powered android smartphones in early 2016. Though the Cortana app is available for Android and IOS users, Cortana will function the best when used with Cyanogen OS says Microsoft. The “Hey Cortana” feature was recently killed on Android due to some unknown issues. Anyway if you are a USA resident head over to about phone section and check for an update but don’t panic if you didn’t find an update as the company has just rolled out the update.

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