Faida.com: Bringing Back the Golden Barter System

This isn’t exactly the app review that we are posting but it is surely an impressive platform that many of guys can make use of.

Remember the good olden days where all the buying selling stuff used to be on barter system basis, what barter basically does is you exchange with the products you have with the one’s you need to have. That was indeed a revolutionary thought by the people of India. As time kept moving this system has started to phase out slowly.

Faida.com is one such platform where it brings back the nostalgic barter system memories to modern age world. Faida.com is a platform where you can exchange stuff, by exchange we mean you can browse in various categories available on the platform that are up and available from the people who want to sell across India.


On opening their website, the first thing you need to do is select the city you are from, currently the list is limited to very major cities but the company has assured to increase the count in coming days. Once you have selected the city, you will be given an opportunity to select whether you want to buy or sell items and based on your choice the next menu will be displayed. You can sell old mobile, old furniture and many more.

In case you wish to exchange products, you can go through the products across various categories like smartphones, mobiles, tablets, home and furnishing products. You can view all the pictures, read the description posted by the seller. The website also gives you a chance to chat or reach out the seller directly in case you wish to know more details.

Registration takes just a couple of minutes from your time and once you are in you can see products by sorting it out by the view count and the website cleverly arranged the products based on the view and popularity count. The company will offer hot used electronics for sale every once in a while to attract more users which is a good thing.used electronics for sale every once in a while to attract more users which is a good thing.

Exchanging of products directly by getting in touch with seller/buyer and vice versa, this though sure deserves a try to I suggest you guys check this out the next you are looking to exchange products or wish to sell some stuff that may be useful for others for something that you can make use of.

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