Smartly.ME Android App Review: An App That Helps You Choose Your Next Smartphone

Yes, we are back with yet another App Review and, this time, we bring you something interesting yet very informative if you are one who gets confused while making your next smartphone purchase. As a reviewer and tech writer I often get to answer questions like, which phone should I buy next? Which smartphone looks good? Though I would love to give the best answer I can I often find myself getting confused with all these smartphones launching every day, Talk about tons of smartphones launching we are in that time of the year where we see tons of new devices, innovations showcased at the CES event. Coming back to our App, we are talking about Smartly.Me which is not just useful it’s beyond informative and handy. Just like another app review we will discuss the App design and then shift to App functionality.

Smartly.Me App Design and Structure: The Smartly.Me app has got simple and neat design language which is well-adjusted with Lollipop OS material design elements without losing too much on the fashion. Once you tap open the app the immediate thought that enters your mind is app displaying so much information regarding smartphones and app which is a good thing. The App categorically displays all the details is different sections eliminating the unwanted confusion.

The homepage has For Me, Discover, Friends, Apps section in square matrix kind of playstore home page in the earlier app version.

For Me Section: The For Me Section is where the app analyzes your phone with installed apps and data and shows you the Networking Guru Score and Power User score (for me), there are other 10 persona avatars including News Ninja and Audiophile, etc. and the rating will be given accordingly.  Based on your usage the app displays Tips and Tricks section where you will find so many (literally so many) useful tips and tricks covered on various publications so that you don’t need to google all the time searching for every simple tip. And after the Tips and tricks section, you will find recommended phones section on tapping that section you will find smartphones recommendations based on your current usage along with detailed specifications and Smartly.Me score and you can also compare it with other smartphones in a similar range. As an added bonus the app will give you the option to make the purchase instantly online with the best price available.

Recommended Apps and Games a section is what we find cool enough to try, as we came to know of many apps that we aren’t aware of. We truly appreciate the App makers for sorting out the data so neatly.

Discover Section: This is that of the section which made our job easy where people ask us smartphone suggestions. In the discover section you will find the price bar where you can adjust the pricing according to your budget and just below that the app displays various requirements like Browsing and Productivity, Style, Photography, etc. You know how people are different so you obviously need different options and the app has clearly arranged those options. If you are that kind of person who cares about the brand, and performance requirements there is an advanced sorting section to choose from and the app displays relevant results.

Friends Section: This one such section where you can see what kind of smartphone your friend is using, also you can see the pros and cons of their device. All you gotta do is just log into the app.

Apps Section: As said above in this section you will see app recommendations and useful apps list.


Popular Mobiles: Down below the Square matrix of four main options section you will find popular mobiles section on the homepage where the app displays current popular phones in the market. Not just phones you will also find specifications, instant buying options, and key highlights. This one particular section impressed us and made us write the post in the first place.

Latest News: So you are out in the market buying a phone but you can’t really keep track on latest and most happening stuff in the tech world so in order to rescue from this the app has got a separate section called the latest news. This section displays the latest updates around the web in the single roof which is real deal here.


Upcoming mobiles: This section will display upcoming mobiles which are going to be launched very soon. The app also displays the reported specifications available at that moment in a neat way. Along with the mobile listing, it also display app price and expected launch date. This is yet another cool feature.

Reviews Section: So once you decide which phone to purchase you might want to check out the review of the device in detail to know more about it in details so the Review section. This section will post reviews of phones done by many major publications which are obviously unbiased.

Expert Opinion: Still not convinced or confused? There is another solution for you guys within the app that is Expert opinion. The small messaging icon you see on the homepage tap that you will see a list of experts available online at that moment. Talk to them about your requirements and things that are keeping you hold back they will surely help you solve by providing an unbiased expert opinion.

Other top features include App and game suggestions, Smartphone comparisons. My recommendations section is what that impressed us the most. Rating the device by using the app and games installed is something we never came across. Smartly.Me is surely one-stop solution for your smartphone confusions I am pretty sure you won’t find any reason to remove it from your phone once you install it. This was our App review for this week. We will be back with yet another impressive app again soon.

Download the App Here: Smartly.ME

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