Asus ZenEars Affordable Earphones Review

Asus ZenEars are the first ever Asus branded earphones that are sold separately apart from the one’s that we get in the regular phone packaging. The Asus ZenEars are available online on Flipkart and while if you go searching offline, you might find them in an Asus store nearby. These earphones went on for sale in India sometime in last year, and Asus has sent in a unit to us for testing, and we tinkered with it for quite some time before we were producing this review, So how well do they sound? Did these live up to the expectations? You will find out in our Asus ZenEars Review.

Asus ZenEars Review:

Build and Design: as always let’s start our review with the build and design, the Asus ZenEars sport a decent build quality, the wire they supplied is of high-quality rubber though we had our doubts on the quality before we started using but once we did start using these we do feel the rubber can sustain a decent amount of rough maintenance. The ear tips are angular by design which gives proper adjustment in ears and also a good fit, this type of design language is something we keep seeing very often. The ear tips are of plastic unlike the Xiaomi in-ear headphones that come with the metal build, There is an advantage with the plastic build as these weigh very less, but do note plastic material may get spoiled very quickly compared to the metal.

Asus ZenEars

The reason for pointing out the Xiaomi headphones is that these two have a striking resemblance in the looks department, but things change when we consider the build quality. The Asus ZenEars come with a built-in mic and a button to take incoming calls but skimping on the volume up/down buttons may hurt some people. Overall the build and design of the Asus ZenEars is something that left pretty much nothing to complain about except for the volume up/down buttons.

Performance: Asus Zenfone smartphones come with Audio Wizard equalizer that can be adjusted according to the requirement. Luckily during the time we were testing out these earphone we had the Asus Zenphone Max and Zenfone Zoom smartphones with us, so we went ahead and started testing the performance of these with Zenfone smartphones. And to our surprise, the earphone excelled in most all the departments, make a note we are talking about the earphones that cost you just 700 bucks, the bass is not overpowering as expected but when it is needed it did boost up the bass, the mids had decent treble. We switched to the music that had good bass and base in them to check how powering they are; The ZenEars did perform decently with ample base in the music, but it misses the punch we wanted. though we would have loved a little more bass and depth in the music, don’t get me wrong these can still power up the bass but not up to the level we’d love to have.

Asus ZenEars

I am not a great music listener, but when I did, I had a good time with the ZenEars. So the performance of these earphone is good when used on Zenfone smartphones, as a part of the compatibility check, we switched to another device we had at that time, and the first thing that we liked is that it had no compatibility issues. The sound output was adequate for most of the time, but as soon as we increased the volume to maximum we started to hear crackling sound it can also be the smartphone’s audio driver issue. We can conclude that the ZenEar earphones should be compatible with current smartphones in the market and can give a good experience on other smartphones as well. To sum up the performance except for the Avg bass there is pretty much nothing to complain.

Box and Packaging: The Asus ZenEars come in neat plastic packaging that has Asus branding, and the earphones are neatly arranged with the box. Apart from the earphone, you also get extra earplugs in different sizes.

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