Yu YUTOPIA Incremental Update Addressing the Fingerprint Sensor Issues Rolling Out

Remember our YU Yutopia review in which we mentioned that the device has bugs like poor fingerprint sensor recognition issues and touch issues, YU has finally started rolling out an Incremental update that is aimed to bring touch and fingerprint sensor fixes. The update has just started rolling out so it might take a bit to reach you gradually in the coming two weeks. According to the change log, the new update will allow you to up to five attempts while the earlier version used to have only three attempts. Even after the five unsuccessful attempts you can unlock the device using the password/pin that you set before registering for the fingerprint sensor. The OTA update won’t change the software version of Cyanogen it will still be CM 12.1 though the company has mentioned that the device will get the CM 13 based Android 6.0 Marshmallow update it is still not clear when.

Here is the Official change log:

  • The fingerprint reader now allows for five attempts. Previous version only allowed for three.
  • When the user reaches five failed attempts the fingerprint reader will time out for 15 seconds. The user will feel multiple vibrations from the reader on the final failed attempt letting them know to unlock their device.
  • After 15 seconds the user can again attempt to unlock the device with the finger print sensor.
  •  After five unsuccessful attempts, the user can unlock the device with Password/PIN.

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