Best Android Runner and Action Games Of The Week-Edition 1

What do we do after we’ve completed everything that’s there to be done? Try to find out means of relaxations, right? 20 years ago, that meant might have sat around friends in a circle and gossiping for hours. Fast forward ten years, and it might have changed to listening to radios, fast forward five more years and the televisions come in. That’s a popular trend and then out of the blue some devils invent a device called the “cell phone”.

Now that, revolutionized everything, no more radios, mp3 players, or televisions, it got everything in itself. The one thing that grabbed a lot of attention on these devices was “games”! Everyone seemed to get glued to them, and well that’s the reason for me taking to write this piece down.

Here are some of the best Android games you’ll ever find.

Speedy Ninja: Well, Speedy Ninja turns you into a super-fast ninja. You have to run across the screen, and you’re accommodated with super powers like fireballs. Although physical weapons like swords are also present.  Now, the game is placed in such a scenario where you are in the middle, and there are burning fuses above and below. That makes it more exciting as your brain has to calculate the threats and opportunities from both directions.

There also is an upgrade option for you to buy more coins and stuff once you’ve collected enough coins. And guess what, if none of the above things satisfy you, well then there’s a drag for you to ride, happy?

Speedy Ninja

Spider-Man Unlimited: It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen or a full-grown adult. Everyone loves Spider-man, admit it. This is an awesomely designed 3D game from Gameloft is the perfect combination of user experience, graphics and plot for your Android devices. It’s more like a run & swing game, where you’re the spider man and have to run to New York and fight your battle.

Spiderman Unlimited

Vector: Well, if you ever liked shadow games, you’re going to love this one.Vector comes in with a Black, shadowy character who has to jump from rooftops to survive his perusing hunter. The best thing about Vector is the animation is so impressive that you won’t feel that it’s animated. It’s entirely human.

Also, the styles that are possible while jumping and sliding are just fabulous. Remember Mirror Edge? Well if yes, then you’re going to love this 2D version of that game, although the two games don’t have any connection, except being awesome.


Implosion: Implosion is not a runner game like the above choices. Instead, it’s a full-fledged action one.You’re a warrior, equipped with a sword and saw gun, and of course super high-quality warrior. Ever played devil may cry? Well, if yes then you’re familiar with the plot. You have to dash forward slicing enemy waves.

The controls have been programmed with a better coding team that I can say, and the graphics are just awesome. Except the screen being smaller than a traditional laptop or computer, you won’t feel you’re playing a mobile game and not a real, actual computer or x-box one.


Conclusion: Right now, in this century, you can probably find anything you wish for on your smartphones, Right? I mean ranging from shoes, to shoe laces, dresses. Ranging from exam papers, to maybe some list of engineering colleges in Chennai. Games, productivity apps, customization apps, anything. My point is, everything, literally just about every existing thing in this universe can be found on your cell devices. And games constitute a significant portion of what is available on your phones, and they are the best way to kill some time on a day that also gives us some relief from stress we take.

The above listed games are just one of the best possible ways to relax your mind out after a hard stressed day, or maybe a sleepless night. Games, aren’t always time-wasters, you just need to have a better perspective. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the Wikipedia directory consists of more than 143405 games for android! Their popularity says it all.

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