Report: HTC Likely To Manufacture The Nexus Smartphones For The Next Three Years

Earlier this year we heard some rumors/reports that suggested that HTC will be manufacturing the Nexus series smartphones this year, not one but two, here comes yet another report that says that HTC has signed a deal with Google to manufacture the Nexus smartphones for three straight years. According to a report from MyDriver, HTC seems to have signed a deal with Google, which means that we will-will see HTC made Nexus series smartphones for the coming three years. In 2015, Google has introduced two Nexus smartphones skipping the Nexus tablet tradition. Of the two Nexus phones, One Nexus was from Huawei-The Nexus 6P and the other being from LG-The Nexus 5X. while LG has made it clear that it has backed out from the Nexus program to focus on its brand, Huawei is keen on manufacturing another Nexus phone. Now with the new Google+HTC deal report it has to be seen where does Huawei stand in the whole scenario.

Although the reports don’t clearly mention whether HTC deal will be limited to smartphones or it, also include Nexus Tablets. Coming back to January rumor, Two HTC smartphones codenamed T50 and T55, which are the two Nexus phones for 2016, the T50 will be the compact of the two with a 5-inch display while the T55 with a 5.5-inch display. HTC was the first ever manufacturer to build a Nexus smartphone-dubbed Nexus One back in Android 2.1 Eclairs days, and it was the only Nexus smartphone that had a MicroSD card slot for memory expansion. Since then there were many other OEM’s that manufactured Nexus smartphones every year. In 2014, HTC again joined hands with Google to bring a Nexus product but this time, it wasn’t a smartphone but a Nexus tablet.

This is also the first time Google has signed a deal with an OEM for Nexus line-up on a contract base so, one has to see how well the deal works out for Google and the sinking HTC brand. Google I/O 2016 has scheduled for May 18th where it will introduce the next Android version dubbed as Android N. Stay tuned for more details.

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