LG UX 5.0 Based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow Introduced; Here’s A List of New Features

LG has introduced the UX 5.0 version based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow; the UX 5.0 brings a ton of new features to the LG’s user interface. A new dedicated app to let you connect with and control the LG Friends under a single roof, the new user interface brings new camera improvements and set of new features, home screen customization and much more. The new LG U.X 5.0 will be available to G5 right out of the box, it will be rolled out to another device gradually but, we are yet to find out the list of new devices that will get the update. Let’s check out more features of LG U.X 5.0 in detail.

LG U.X 5.0 Features:

LG Friends Manager App: This app intuitively connects to the Friends partners and other accessories. It automatically detects the apps required and downloads them via Play Store to provide a seamless experience. The Friends manager app generates a different display based on the friends companion connected. For example;  if you have connected the 360-degree camera, the G5 display will show the shooting modes available and photo previews.

LG U.X 5.0 Camera: The new improved camera app brings tons of new features and improvements. Just pinch the screen to Toggle between the 78-degree standard angle to 135-degree wide-angle lens. The auto shot is the new feature that automatically triggers the shutter and take a perfect selfie as soon as it detects user’s face, a perfect new addition for those who like to take selfies. Multi-view takes images from multiple angles at the same time taking advantage of the dual rear cameras on the G5, front camera, and 360-degree camera. The pop-out picture will combine the image captured from 78-degree normal angle and image captured from 135-degree wide-angle and then create picture-in-a-frame effect. Nw film effect feature brings in a new set of live filters that will deliver an analog feel to the images captured. Use the camera preview function to quickly preview the filter effect before capturing.

New Home screen layout: With the U.X 5.0, LG has eliminated the traditional app drawer and has adopted the home screen layout wherein all the installed apps are arranged directly on the home screen. Although you can enable it via system settings in case you need it.

LG Health: The new LG health feature will provide beginners as well as advanced mode matched according to the user’s profile.

Smart Doctor: The new smart doctor app will keep your LG G5 performance to the optimum levels by providing solutions, tips based on your usage habits.

World Clock With new graphical and attractive layout and it displays the time of any city in the world and syncs them to whatever local time you set for easy scheduling of phone calls and meetings.

Quick help will answer to any question about the G5 quickly and easily or request feedback by e-mail.

LG Backup: Use LG Backup and NFC to restore conveniently from other Android phones and now record conversations from your favorite messenger app.

Diverse Security Method: In addition to LG’s familiar Knock Code, accurate fingerprint recognition is now built into LG UX 5.0 to provide added convenience and security.

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