6 Stylish Ideas for your Home Automation System

Did you ever felt that you home is outdated? Ever felt if it monotonous to live in? Searching for ways to make your home automated and smarter? Then, Home automation systems are the things for you. The biggest advantage that the automation systems provide to your home is that it gives you advanced controls to make your life easier.

You get to control appliances, lights, cameras, security on your fingertips. These new automation systems in the market are not at all expensive as it used to be earlier and with each model from a different manufacturer have a different set of people, installing them is also in people’s reach according to their budget. Today, we will list few stylish home automation devices you can install to make your home look good:

The Nest Smart Thermostat: You can find a number of thermostat devices in the market from varying manufacturers, but the thing you would want is something that would help you to measure your energy usage entirely. Here, the Nest Smart Thermostat comes into the picture. Not only does it tell you about your energy usage, but it also provides you with ways to cut down on your energy bills. Coming in a circular shape, it looks beautiful on your walls. Besides, the Nest Smart is also fitted with cloud computing, sensors and different algorithms. You can install it on one of your home’s walls like all other thermostats and it would look more graceful than others.


Canary: Canary is a new-gen, high-tech revolutionary automation system. It is widely respected and popular as the most effective smart security tool. The automation system is highly cost-effective and makes sure you look out for everything happening on your property. The Canary is useful as it guards your house effectively and alerts you if there is trying to theft your house. The Canary is basically a camera which connects to your smartphone which allows you to monitor you home and surroundings through the phone even though you are not anywhere near the house. Besides, the Canary is also fitted with an air quality and humidity monitor.


Homey: Homey is a wonderfully built small device which helps you to access all of your connected home automation appliances and devices whether at home or your office. You can easily access all those devices through the Homey app on your smartphone. You can either press a button or give manual voice commands to control your devices. The app is compatible with Bluetooth devices over version4.0 and other radio modules.

Automatic Door Openers: Now, with the adamant of next-gen automation systems, you can easily open the main doors of your house to the guests or family members while sitting on your couch or from your bedroom. Coupled with the video doorbell, this is the best thing that can happen to your home as you it wouldn’t require you to get up and go to your door now and then to open and close it whenever someone comes or goes form the house.

automatic door opener

Video Doorbell: Video Doorbell is also one of those products which will leave you spell-bound and make your house look a little more stylish. Connected to your smartphone through a mobile application, the video doorbell allows you to see the person knocking on the front door of your house through your security camera attached on the doorbell with the feed coming directly to your phone. This allows you to open the door to only those who you trust and ensures a sense of safety living at your home. Once the identity of the visitor is known to you, you can easily open the door from the remote.

Wall Mounts: Wall Mounts add a sense of style to your home. You get some wall mount options to choose from like, LCD, TVs, iPad mounts, etc. The reason most people prefer wall mounts these days is because it helps to save space and provides them with a perfect view of the devices. Also, it helps to save you from breaking valuable items.

wall mounts

Final Say: While most automation systems help to give you a comfort level to do your things from the comfort of your sofa, few systems or devices elevate this to a newer level making your home look more stylish than before?


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