Android TV Remote App For iOS Platform Released

Though the Apple devices have support for Android Wear platform, it is Android TV that lacks the same support with iOS platform. Android TV is not yet the next big thing. However, you might end up buying one knowingly or unknowingly as the new set of TV’s these days come with Android TV. So now, Google has finally released the Android TV Remote for iOS platform and is already available to download from iTunes App Store and get on with it.

You will have to connect your ioS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android TV, which makes it easier for the connection. Once you are connected to the same network and paired your Apple device with Android TV, your iOS will now act like Android TV remote.

Android TV Remote

You have three different ways to control the TV, you have the traditional and much familiar directional pad option, touchpad option for easier scrolling, and finally, you can even use the voice commands to start a voice search quickly. The TV remote app also comes with a built-in keyboard that lets you input text on your Android TV. You have the privilege to connect multiple Remoted your TV and use them for Multiplayer games. The App is now available for all iPhone and iPad devices and works with all Android TV’s all you need to do is just pair it properly.

Download The App Here: Android TV Remote

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