Ksmart’s DigiDocs is Your One Stop Solution For All Paper Less Office Needs.

A paperless office approach was in discussions in India since two decades now; this method has a lot of advantages over the traditional filing system. Also, there is an added risk of paper files being stolen or burnt, but that’s not the case with the paperless approach where everything gets saved in the server. Realizing the importance and how insightful the idea of the paperless approach is, the Indian government in 2014 passed an order to ministries to adopt the e-paper office solution. And in 2015, the Delhi government has decided to follow the same and passed a GO to rule out the papered approach and implement e-paper solution in all the departments. Not just the government offices, any private or non-private organization will implement the same if they realize the importance of the idea.
All this is good, as it cuts down on a lot of manual work, but do we have the proper environment for the e-paper office approach yet? The paperless approach discussions are going on for over two decades now, but nothing has been implemented end of the day. With the introduction of Ksmart DigiDocs things might change in the foreseeable future, how? You will find out now.

DigiDocs has been the first ever document management system that auto-categorizes the documents and at the same is also capable of retrieving them instantly. The DigiDoc workflow environment will not just categorize the documents but will also sync with other material stored alongside. In India we still lack Document management systems that will automate the work process of saving and retrieving the documents, with DigiDocs, which is a cutting edge enterprise workflow environment, your office needs will become much simpler.

Saving a document on the server is not the biggest task in the automated system, but retrieving the same will be one. Once we are in the paperless approach, we will have thousands of documents stored in a particular location and to retrieve one out of those thousand files with accuracy and without consuming too much man force, and money is an enormous task. DigiDocs makers have understood the importance of the same and have built their entire system on Google’s Tesseract technology, which comes with special OCR tools and image detection. This whole Tesseract system is based on Linux and PHP platforms. Linux-based platforms are the fastest and most secure systems that are more reliable than any other alternatives. With Linux, you can scale up the credibility and efficiency up to desired levels, and the PHP coding platform gives us the freedom to design your own architecture that gives you the full control. Now that we are familiar with DigiDocs behind the scene design and work process, let’s quickly look at the interface of the software or we may say the future of e-paper tech.

Once you are done setting up the Digidocs platform in your workplace and linked it to the server that connects all the systems via LAN so that sharing and retrieving of the documents and PDF files internally will not be any trouble at any point. You will have your own unique ID and password as base level protection for your user profile. Just log in to your profile, and you will be welcomed by a bunch of options like,


  1. Documents: The list of records that you’ve saved in the DigiDocs system, you can also save personal files that will be limited to you solely while others can’t access them.
  2. Users: This tab will list out the number of users that are accessing the DigiDocs on the whole in a given environment.
  3. Chat: This section is where you can have private discussions with the Connected users which we have mentioned above.
  4. Settings: Under the settings tab you will find options like bookmarks, Stamp, Signature, Password protect PDF files, etc. (We will talk about this later).
  5. Scan: This section will examine your data saved and lists out any errors and missing files.

This is the primary interface of the DigiDocs; it is straightforward and neatly designed for a better user experience. From the document section we discussed above, you can view the all the material with the Doc Viewer tool that is available by default in the software; you don’t need third party tools for that.


The DigiDocs will sort the documents, PDF file; PPT presentation folders wise so that you won’t get confused quickly, the interface of the Doc viewers is also clean without any overlapping. As mentioned above, the retrieval of the documents in almost an instant, we for one had tried the demo before writing this piece and surprised with the end results. The retrieval is one the most important and crucial part of the e-paper solution, and we must say DigiDocs has just nailed it with almost 0% delay.

Under the settings menu, you will find Watermark, which will allow you to watermark the documents, PDF files with your own brand name or logo. This is one sweet addition. The stamp is another great addition which will allow you to stamp the paper record with approved or not approved status. Signature PDF, this will enable you to include the signature of any individual manually. And finally, the PDF password is one of the most useful tools among all which allow you to set a password for the PDF files. On the whole, once you start using DigiDocs you don’t have to use any other third party tool for any task, you literally have everything on board.


Some of the Advantages of DigiDocs Listed at Below:

  1. Save Time: Now that DigiDocs automatically categorizes the document files, you can save a lot of your time.
  2.  Save Time: Now that DigiDocs automatically classifies the document files, you can save a lot of your time.
  3.  Save Space: With DigiDocs in Action you can save a lot of your Physical space in your workplace.
  4. Simple Access: As mentioned above, the access to that file is simple and clear. And any system that is connected in the same LAN can access those.
  5. Multiple Action: Within DigiDocs interface, you can print out the documents, Link to the documents, Forward, Download and save it and more.
  6. Extensive Search: If you want to eliminate the task of going file by file searching for one Doc, you can take advantage of the Search tool that is intense and advanced.

We are truly impressed with the workflow and the liability of the DigiDocs software and DIGIDOCS is the only Document Management Software facilitating Auto-categorization of documents with world copyrights under the Berne convention. This is in no way written under pressure from any external force. This is what we honestly believe and feel about DigiDocs. Just give this a shot you will be truly impressed with the way it works.

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