LG Finally Brings Back Built-in App Drawer Based on U.X 5.0 For The G5

LG G5 is the companies latest flagship that was introduced back during MWC 2016 event, the device feature Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 820 processor with the obvious 4GB Ram and it also features a dual rear camera with a fingerprint sensor. Though the specifications look rock solid on paper, one thing that caught the attention was that it doesn’t feature native app drawer, yes the LG G5 doesn’t feature an app drawer in case you aren’t aware. However, few section of users and Android fanboys didn’t like the LG’ idea of removing the app drawer and following Apple’s style of arrangement.

Although LG still gave us a chance to have the traditional app drawer through LG home App from LG’s SmartWorld app store, but the downside to this solution is that the home app was designed with U.X 4.0 design elements, not the U.X 5.0 that LG introduced recently. And today with the new update LG has finally brought back the App drawer designed with modern U.X 5.0 to its flagship; the G5. Though there is nothing new about the app drawer, it is still what we see and love.

LG G5 App Drawer

And now to activate the U.X 5.0 based app drawer, head over to system settings>about the phone and chose update center and click on App updates. In this section, you will find two new app updates, one for Home & app drawer” and another one for “Home selector. The first one brings newly updated app drawer while the second one is an intermediary tool for home screen switch. Download both the apps, now you will be able to see new U.X 5.0 based app drawer.

source: Droid-Life

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