Apple iOS 10 is Now Official, Here’s What’s New

Apple has finally introduced the iOS 10 at WWDC 2016 conference; it is the next major software upgrade for iPhones and iPads. This is the biggest release by Apple with a lot of new additions like new animations, stickers and more to Messages, Siri’s ability to work with Apps installed, Photos, Maps, Music and much more. In this post let’s check out what’s new with the iOS 10.

  1. Messages: Apple has neatly redesigned the messages app with new animations like balloons, confetti, you can send an invisible ink message to your friend which will be revealed to him after he friend swipes over it. Automatic suggestions to replace with Emojis, handwritten notes, Share content, make payments, see content inline, play content without ever leaving messages. You can send fireballs, heartbeats, sketches.Apple Messages
  2. Apple Music: With over 15 million active subscribers, Apple was bound to redesign the music app U.I with a new set of features like you can view lyrics while listening to songs. Scroll through the list of albums you like and start playing them.Apple music
  3. Apple News: Apple news also gets a new design, the news is neatly arranged in Clearer and easier sections and a brand new trending news section where it automatically picks up and arranges stories based on your reading habits. Users will now get breaking news notifications right on the lock screen.Apple News
  4. Apple Maps: Apple Maps also has a lot of new additions where you can search important locations, dynamic view of streets with traffic conditions along the route you are on. Apple maps will also display alternate routes; you can book a cab ride, search for directions. Simply put, you can find directions, book cabs, search for a restaurant, and even pay for it, all this without having to leave maps app. Apple maps will be available for developers.Apple Maps
  5. Photos: The Photos apps also underwent a huge makeover, the memories features takes advantage of the Face Recognition, Object & Scene recognition and arrange the photos based on faces, locations, scenes and produce a collection of memories. You can use these pictures to create a movie where you can include music, add a title, change font.Apple maps
  6. Phone: The Tencent ID inclusion lets you find out if the call is a valid user or a spam call, the true caller app now works even with iOS.
  7. Siri: Probably the biggest change or most significant addition in iOS 10, Siri now works with third-party apps. You can send messages, book cabs, make payments on few selected apps, search photos from apps like pin interest. Siri is now up for developers to take complete advantage of its functionality.Siri
  8. 3D touch and Lockscreen: Apple introduced the 3D touch last year and during WWDC 2016 Apple tried to add some more functions to it. One of the biggest addition is long press to remove all the notifications at once. Lockscreen, on the other hand, had also being tweaked. Raise your phone to wake up the phone and the lock screen has now interactive notifications taking full advantage of the 3D touch.
  9. Re-designed Control Center: Apple’s control center has also being redesigned with much better icons, better arranged of shortcuts. Slide on the control center gives you access to an entirely dedicated music control widget which is very much new with iOS 10.
  10. QuickType: QuickType feature takes advantage of the Siri’s intelligence, Siri will provide information like address, contact, etc while you are typing something without you having to type everything. The QuickType supports multilingual typing which is totally brilliant. Update, an all-in-one free iPhone manager for you to manage content in iOS 8/9/10/11.

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