Google To Introduce Own Brand Smartphone By The End of 2016

Though Google has the Nexus program to bring out smartphones with high-end hardware, the latest operating system at a reasonable price, Google won’t have a take on designing the device as OEM’s take full control over it and Google just leads the software department. But things might change very soon, According to a report The Telegraph Google will soon come out with an own branded smartphone by the end of this year. With an intention to take control over the Manufacturing, Design Google is about to make this move. It also gives the company to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone.

Though Google has tied up with manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei for its Nexus program, it also wants to focus more on design and software directly from its roots. Though we do no not have any news about the Specifications and other details about a Google-branded smartphone, for now, we should know about it as we move along. Google is said to be worried about the Android fragmentation and is makes its moves to control it, and it also announced that it will list the Android device makers that are delaying updates.

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