EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

It’s not every day that I come across software, FREE Software to be specific which “actually” do what they promise to do and make me want to shout from rooftops “hey go and try this product out!” right? So basically before you start making assumptions and judging me, let me tell you I’m not trying to sell you anything here, in fact, I’m giving away something, free! (Trust me, I don’t want to, I seriously want to keep it just to myself!)
So basically I’m talking about EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software, well I’ll explain in detail.

What is EaseUS?
EaseUS is one of the easiest and most feature-rich tools on the planet, a recovery software to be more precise.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

It recovers data lost from just about any cause, and from any device. Let me give you a detailed insight.

EaseUS Data Recovery

  1. Deleted:- The most common issue with us, right? We cut data which we don’t need today, and then some other day we figure out we can’t let the data be lost. So well Deleted data is no problem with EaseUS.
  2. Formatted: – Just to be clear, “deleting” and “formatting” are two entirely different processes. Even though they look like they’re doing the same thing, the process is different, but anyway, that can be recovered too.EaseUS Data Recovery
  3. Corrupted Hard Drive: – Of course, once the drives get old, they start getting corrupt.
  4. Operating System Crashing: – Did your laptop just turn itself off suddenly? Or did you put it in hibernate mode and it’s not booting now? Anyway you can’t afford to lose the data, right? That’s something EaseUS solves too.
  5. Human Errors: – It’s EaseUS’s way of saying “No matter what you’ve done to your computers, we can recover it.” Simple as that.
    Now I’ve been talking about the scenarios and as you might have noticed they’re all mostly related to computers, right? Does this mean computers are the only gadgets EaseUS Recovery software can recover data from?
    Not Apparently, you can recover data from just about any kind of device you can imagine of. See? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a USB stick, External Hard Disk, Memory Cards, Digital Camera or anything else. So basically, the “type of device” isn’t a problem with EaseUS.
  6. The only two things that matter with this tool is, you should have lost data, and you should have the physical source of the data, meaning the thing (USB / Hard disk) where the data was earlier on, simple!EaseUS Data RecoveryHow Hard is it Recovering Data using EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software?
    Let me tell you, not hard! It’s as easy as three clicks. Well when you download the software, the very first options let you choose the kind of files you’re trying to recover.
  7. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is, select the drive from which you’re trying to recover you lost files.
  8. Once that’s done, just click on “Scan.” Done! My scan was completed in around 10 seconds, and I still found 2 of my lost files! There’s even a “Deep Scan” option (which is also free in case you’re wondering!) which scans the files at a deeper level and hence you have a better chance of recovering your data.

Final Verdict: – So okay it’s software which is free to start with. I’ve been with some “paid” tools before but even then if I’ve got to choose, I’ll pick EaseUS above them cause even after paying for them they weren’t as overwhelming (and simple) as this one. I seriously don’t get it “why” this tool is out there for free, but well it is! Secondly, it does it’s job extremely well, (again considering it didn’t cost you a single penny to get it!).

Third, it was fast, like extremely fast, being honest I didn’t expect a free data recovery software to be this fast. But well, it was! If you take a look at the recovery process, it was incredibly simple too. Excellent User interface, nothing complicated, useful icons to help you if you’re struck, so overall let me ask you, what have you got to lose? Just go to the site, and download it for free. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed; the file size is also negligible + the installation takes roughly 15seconds, so trust me there’s just about nothing you can lose by trying it out.

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