PERT 4 Node Home Automation Smart Switch Review

Home Automation is surely catching up the momentum and is on a verge of becoming the next big thing in countries like India. One such home automation makers are PERT who is based out of Hyderabad, India. Being an Indian company who brings out Home Automation products they understand the needs of a common user. Their current product portfolio includes Pert 8 Node, Pert 4 Node. Today we take a closer look at the Pert 4 Node, Pert 8 Node and Pert Plug. Let’s get started.

The Installation: The Pert 4 Node Smart Switch is suitable for switchboards that come with 4 switches so that it won’t put extra load to the main power supply. The installation process is fairly simple, the 4 Node switch box will be connected behind the switchboard, for that you need to remove the switch connections from their default placement and connect them to the Pert 4 Node switch so that you can operate them using their app. The installation process is pretty simple if you have a minimum knowledge about the switch connections, but do make sure to turn off the main power before you proceed.

Pert 4 Node Installation

The Working: Once you are done with the installation, turn on and off any of the switches from the  main switchboard 3-4 time continues to power on the 4 Node smart Switch. Once you have done that, head over to playstore and download Pert App for Android which is free of Cost. For the Pert 4 Node to work, you need to have a strong WiFi network and should be accessible from any point in your home. Once you have set up a WiFi connection, open up the Pert App and slide over to the second option and hit the “Plus button” that you see on the top right corner. You will see 3 different options to choose from of which select “Set up a new device“.

The App will ask you to select the type of the Node you want. Go ahead and pick one, in our case its 4 Node. Next a small video demonstration will be played demoing the set up. At this time, the app will ask you to set up a temporary WiFi network for pert, so connect to the Pert WiFi and do just as the app tells you to. Once you have set up the SSID and password pin, connect to your Home WiFi network to finish the setup process.

The Performance: Though i had an open mind when we received this product for review just because of the fact that it might surprise us once we start using it daily. Just to our excitement, the Pert 4 Node Switch is surely an amazing piece of art. Once we setup the switch completely and connected to a WiFi network, the usage of it starts increasing day after day as we started using it. The App gives you the power to control the fan speed, low bright or low you want your lamp to be, turn on or off the switches right from the app.

Pert 4 Node

Want more? It even displays the amount of current you used since the day you installed the Switch. It shows your daily usage of current. The company is also selling an 8-node that fits in a bigger 8-switch board. The rest of the functioning is quite similar to what we have seen on the 4-node.

Pert Plug

The availability: The Pert products are available via Amazon. in exclusively for now. The 4 Node is priced at Rs.5,499 and the 8 node is priced at Rs.7,999. The Pert Plug is being priced at Rs.5,999

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