How Can Wrike’s Project Management Software Help Me?

Today, organisations from different corners of the world work in conjunction for a single cause: to make their businesses succeed. Both the multinational corporations and small startups rely on certain Business Continuity Processes and Project Management tools to ensure that the needs of their customers are satisfied.

Since it involves a process that requires attention around the clock, the decision to choose the appropriate tool remains as the first major stepping stone towards success for most entrepreneurs. For those of you who are not aware of Wrike, it is a software for project management which helps teams of any structure work more efficiently.

Getting Started with Wrike: You can start using the Wrike Project Management software just by entering your business email. The company allows you try the software in trial mode for 14 days. You may choose either Business, Enterprise, or Marketing plan according to your needs. This step is followed by entering the information regarding your team members.

After entering all the necessary information, you are good to go ahead and start using the project management tool. The tool is comprised of three building blocks – Folders, Projects, and Tasks. In fact, this is what task management is all about. Using folders, you can group files in any order. They can be added as labels later during discussions with the team members. A project is a combination of both folders and tasks. After creating a project, you can create tasks and subtasks within it.

The tool lets you prioritize tasks so that all the important issues are addressed first.

In our experience, we felt that Wrike is a must-have tool for all the businesses who want to keep track of their projects and are looking at apps for project management.

Wrike’s easy project management software allows you to work with real convergence across devices. You can resume the work which is left by your team member. That being said, there are apps both on the iOS and Android platforms to help you stay connected and updated. Say if a new team has joined your mission on a certain module, you don’t have to worry. Wrike will allow you to share everything that you need with the new team to conduct a proper Knowledge Transfer without any loose ends. You will be able to pull statistical reports at any time and track your progress in the project.

May it be the project or a task within the project, you also have the privilege to search almost anything using the search tool within Wrike. If you are stuck, you can get assistance from the Live Chat support at any time. All you have to do is hit the Live Support at the bottom left of the screen.

Finally, you will be able to create custom workflows with several integrations using the Wrike project management tool with much ease.

Security and Integration: You name the security feature, Wrike has it. Encryption, File Sharing, Access Control, and Security Alerts are some terms you will come across when reviewing security. The tool allows you to control the access to the files you add and the folders you create in any project. If any discrepancy is found, you will know about it via the security alerts in a matter of seconds.

Final Verdict: Wrike is used by big clients such as Western Union, Fitbit, Hawaiian Airlines and much more. However, the tool can also be used by small startups or entrepreneurs as well. If you are an entrepreneur, here is a little piece of advice for you: sign up for the most basic plan, and as your business keeps growing, you can make decisions to upgrade your plan in the future. You can also try the features for free for 14 days and make a decision on whether you need to buy the Wrike tool at all. So, what’s stopping you from using Wrike now? Hope you liked our article as well.

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